Comfort wins this fall when it comes to style

Women share what popular styles they have seen selling in stores and on campus

By Cara Winkley


Cara Winkley- New fashions are popping up everywhere in stores and on the streets. Some of the most popular styles this fall include colored skinny jeans, blazers and boots. Kelsey Clifton is the manager at the downtown Lawrence clothing boutique, Fortuity. She tells us her reaction on what she has seen selling out the most.

Kelsey Clifton- Right now, I think just like sweaters like what I’m wearing right now. Just oversized sweaters are really in right now. Leggings, obviously, the cold weather is coming in. Leggings and big sweaters is my favorite and we’re getting in a lot.

C.W. –Hillary Wehmeyer and Liz Powell who are students at the University of Kansas, see this look on campus every day. Hillary thinks that this style is most popular because a more practical style on campus is best.

Hillary Wehmeyer- I think that if you’re going to make a fashion statement on campus then it’s still going to be really like…

Liz Powell- Laid-back.

H.W.- Because you’re walking around, probably were up late the night before, so something thats just easy and comfortable.

C.W.- Even though fall has brought along many new styles, more students are taking into account the comfort and practicality of clothes when deciding what to wear each day. This has been Cara Winkley for Stay Stylin’.


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