Top 10 Places to get Style Inspiration

By Cara Winkley

I asked 10 women to tell me a few places from where they get their style inspiration. Here are the top 10 places they came up with:

1. Pinterest

Created in 2010, Pinterest has become one of the top three Social Media outlets in the United States. People of all ages are able to find inspiration in any category including children’s, men’s and women’s fashion. Top styles on Pinterest include Chevron prints, boots, maxi skirts and knit infinity scarves.

2. Magazines

Despite the decline in circulation of magazines, three out of the ten women interviewed said they still get inspiration from magazines. Online versions of top fashion magazines are becoming more and more popular. They allow easy access to all the new styles and trends.

3. Instagram

Instagram is not only a form of social media where you post pictures and edit using fun filters, but it can be an easy way to follow fashion too. Top designers such as Zac Posen, Roberto Cavalli, Badgley Mischka, and Jason Wu all promote their lines using Instagram. Many designers and fashion magazines will give behind the scenes looks at new trends to keep you ahead of the game.

4. Campus

When you are strolling on campus moving class to class, take that time to look around and notice fun styles other students are wearing. Some popular styles on the University of Kansas’ campus include brown boots, oversize chunky sweaters and leggings. This would be a great opportunity to copy a “going to class” outfit you think is cute. Or, If you want something stylish, yet not like every other girl, then make note of styles you see over and over and try something completely different.

5. Friends

Friends are great resources for fashion ideas. If they are good friends they will even tell you what flatters your body type and what you should definitely not buy even if it’s the only skirt left and it’s your size and wait, look it’s on sale too.

6. Celebrities

Celebrities are the trend setters of our society. We see what brands they wear and we buy them. We see what outfits they put together and we copy them. Because celebrities are in the lime light all the time, they are pressured to look stylish everywhere they go and involuntarily become our fashion role models.

7. Movies and Television

Movies and television are great resources to get inspiration for everyday outfits. Costume designers put in a lot of effort to make the characters look perfect for their role. Fashion can sometimes be like playing dress up for a certain role. Use inspiration from movies and television to channel your inner chameleon and change up your look from time to time.

8. Online Boutiques and chain stores

Online boutiques and chain stores can show viewers what people are buying this season. A wide variety of websites allows you to find the style you want and compare costs, creating a practical and money-saving fashion resource.

9. Stores

Similar to online websites, stores can be a great place to browse popular seasonal fashions. Unlike websites, you are able to try on the clothes you like and mix and match outfits in the dressing room to see what you like. Just be careful not to get sucked in and spend too much money like I know I do when I shop.

10. Nature

Many designers get inspiration from nature for their collections. We can also use nature to inspire our daily outfits. Using earth tones like brown, olive green and burnt orange can compliment many skin tones and create a warm, inviting feel to your outfit.